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Samsung allows ad blocking on new mobileThe latest version of the default web browser on Samsung's Android phones will allow users to install ad-blocker extensions.

The move mirrors an update by Apple in September that allowed ad-blockers to be installed as extensions for the Safari browser.

Blockers on Samsung phones will have to be added in the same way and will not come as standard.

The new browser has begun rolling out for Android Lollipop or higher users.

Popular ad-blockers, Adblock Fast and Crystal, have already been made available for Samsung phones.

As well as making web pages less cluttered, ad-blockers often improve browsers' performance - and reduce the draw on phone batteries and data plans.

'Massive dissatisfaction'

"Those who use ad-blockers will likely use other browsers than the default one," said advertising industry analyst Daniel Knapp at IHS.

"It's nonetheless important for Samsung to jump on the ad-blocking bandwagon."

"It wants to show customers that it is a premium brand that protects them as well as Apple." Read more on bbc.
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