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signs that he is a twotimer and already takenYou have been dating your boyfriend for a few months now and everything until now seems to be fine. But, in this world, it gets really difficult to know if you are the only one in his life too.

Everything seems to be perfect with no fights and arguments. Though you meet up often, there is something that can be missing in your relationship. This can be due to a reason that your partner has been in a commitment with somebody else.

If you think there is something fishy about him, then you should look out for the signs that he is cheating on you and should confront him to know what the exact reason is.

These signs are generally ignored by a girl, as she takes things too lightly at times. Instead, getting to know if there is somebody else or not in his life, before you get more serious about him, is a must for you to know to continue your relationship with this guy.

In this article, we are here to discuss about a few signs that your guy already has a girlfriend and is taken.

1.No Public Dates He would not like to take you to a famous restaurant and might prefer having a cosy dinner at either of your places. If you insist, he might take you to a new restaurant where it is his first visit too. This is a clear give-away sign that he is already taken, as he wants to avoid bumping into people whom he knows.

2.Unanswered Calls
This might be a red flag to watch out for. You know he is out with his bunch of friends (the ones whose name you only hear), but does not bother to pick your call every single time and he comes up with lame excuses for not answering. But, when he is with you, he is always on his phone texting his friends. Read more on boldsky.
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